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[Parlimen Sungai Siput] 15-minute family reunion for EO 6

K Pragalath The six detained PSM members met their families for 15 minutes this morning and told tales of mental torture, solitary confinement and endless interrogation by the police
July 15, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: Interrogated for hours on end, lights kept on all night, filthy toilets and solitary confinement were some of the ordeals the six arrested under the Emergency Ordinance were subjected to.
The Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members are still being held in custody and the authorties, to deflect more criticism against them, allowed the families to visit the six – but for only 15 minutes.

Sungai Siput MP Dr D Michael Jeyakumar's son, M Ravin, said his father complained about the facilities when he met him this morning in Bukit Aman."He complained of lights kept on at night and dirty toilets," said the 18-year-old student at a press conference organised in Bangsar by PSM.

Jeyakumar's wife, R Mohana Rani added that her husband scolded the police once."He got fed up and scolded them for asking the same questions over and over again," she said

The "EO 6" as they are now known also includes PSM deputy president M Saraswathy, central committee members Choo Chon Kai and M Sugumaran, youth chief R Sarathbabu and Sungai Siput branch secretary A Letchumanan.

The other five PSM activists also had family visits at different places.Choo is in Selayang, Saraswathi in Jinjang, Letchumanan in Petaling, Sugumaran in Dang Wangi and Sarath Babu in the Jalan Travers police stations

Five inked affidavits

Saraswathy's niece, Sasi Indra Devi, said her aunt complained about chest pains and asked why they were still detained instead of being charged in court.
Choo's girlfriend Wong Pei Chin, 23, said the former was generally satisfied with his conditions.

"He has everything but freedom," said Pei Chin whose hometown is Simpang Renggam where the EO detention centre is located.

Sugumaran's brother K Indran said: "He was in tears when we met. He complained of solitary confinement. The interrogation lasted four to five hours each time."
PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan who also met Sugumaran told FMT that the police had allegedly threatened to torture Sugumaran's son.

He also added that the lawyers are making representation to the Attorney-General's Chambers for a release on the grounds of Sugumaran's ill mother.
As for Letchumanan, his son L Devendran 19 said his father was in good condition.

"We miss him. He told us to take care of his business," said Devendran about Letchumanan who is an insurance agent.Sarath Babu's mother, K Vijayaletchmy, said her son complained of repeated questioning.
"He is having a headache as he can't understand the repeated questioning. He believes that he would be released by the end of the month," she said. Lawyer D Yudistira confirmed that five out of the six have signed affidavits.
"We are disappointed that we couldn't get Letchumanan's signature. But we would make an attempt to meet Letchumanan's son," said the lawyer

source : http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/07/15/15-minute-family-reunion-for-eo-6/

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